The Man Walk Geelong.   Taking care of our mental health is so important and Park St GP encourages men to join in on this initiative.

Walks are held on a Saturday, meeting point is the Fountain at Eastern Beach Geelong and the walk is 45-60 minutes.

The Man Walk is a free weekly walk designed to encourage Men to get together and talk.

The ethos is Walk, Talk, Support and the aim is to build an environment of support and understanding, where it really is OK to not be OK and to realise that we really aren’t alone.

There’s always coffee afterwards at Winifred’s for those that can stay a bit longer.

the-man-walk-geelong supports mental health


Man Walks are held all around Australia.  The Geelong Man Walk is the initiative of Chris Lytas.

You can follow The Man Walk on Facebook and Geelong has a closed Facebook group you can join.

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