First Aid for Burns

Kidsafe Australia drives greater awareness of burns prevention and correct first aid treatment for burns. First Aid Treatment for Minor Burns: PREVENT – take action to prevent burns and scalds [...]

Trampoline safety

Trampolines are great fun and children love them. But, they’re also a common source of preventable backyard injuries. Some simple precautions can help ensure trampoline safety for your [...]

Snake Bites. What to do.

As we enter Summer, snakes are out and about in the Geelong region.  Park Street General Practice Geelong gives some advice on snake bites. If you see a snake, the best thing to do is keep calm [...]

Immunisations during COVID-19

Park St GP Geelong continues to deliver Immunisation services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our GPs and nurses continue to offer vaccinations to help support you during this time. As we adhere to [...]

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